Business Loans

Our loan products feature flexible terms and competitive rates.  You receive personal attention, expert advice, and quick decisions made locally by people who know and understand your needs.

Real Estate Purchases
Our commercial mortgage programs offer competitive rates and a number of flexible options such as low monthly payments, flexible down payment options and amortizations up to 20-years.

Real Estate Construction
Our expertise in construction financing allows us to keep the process as simple as possible, which means there’s only one set of documents to sign, one group of people to work with, one set of fees to pay and one closing.

Business Equipment Financing
Term loans are an excellent source of funds for purchasing equipment and other fixed assets, or for obtaining permanent working capital.

Lines of Credit
Our lines of credit provide ready cash to help you meet short-term funding needs, such as increasing inventory, dealing with seasonal cash flow issues, or taking advantage of unexpected opportunities, with the advantage of a monthly interest only payment.

How to Apply
Contact our Commercial Lender at 218.829.5183 or toll-free at 800.430.5183.

Commercial Loans