Fraud & Identity Theft

To report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card or
Fraudulent or Unauthorized Activity

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Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

218.829.5183 or 800.430.5183

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After hours for Lost or Stolen cards:

218.829.5183 or 800.430.5183 – Select Option 5

After hours to Report Fraudulent or Unauthorized Activity:

218.829.5183 or 800.430.5183 – Select Option 6

What is a data breach?
A data breach is an incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data has potentially been compromised, viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so such as hackers or fraudsters.  This may involve personal health information, personally identifiable information, trade secrets or intellectual property.

The data need only be viewed for “a breach” to have occurred.
However, when the information is actually stolen it may be used by global organized networks of hackers who sell to the thriving underground black market.  The data could change hands many times before it is used in some form of fraud or ID theft or it may never be used.  This makes the criminals extremely difficult to find and stop.

Whether the data is used or not is extremely hard to track.  Thus, the data is considered ‘compromised’ and appropriate required notifications are made by companies in healthcare, finance, and government.

The burden of protecting the public from these crimes falls upon businesses, whether small or large.  Costs include extensive security systems, monitoring, instituting governmental guidelines and regulatory compliance mandates, replacing accounts, insurance, and more.

Watch Video About Protecting Yourself From Fraud and ID Theft.


Online Security Is Our Top Priority.
We work with the best information specialists in the industry to ensure that your information is safe.  We also make information available to our customers featuring updated information and recommendations.  The brochure entitled Account Authentication and Online Banking (Financial Education Center, 2012) provides consumer information and resources.  We always encourage members to protect themselves from identity theft – a serious crime which is becoming increasingly common.  Brainerd Savings offers 7 tips to avoid online fraud.

FREE Debit Cards
We offer you this safety feature for your financial safety – your free debit card for each account (checking) that you own*.  Using a debit card for most of your purchases is easier and safer than carrying cash.  Keeping track of your spending is so easy.  Ask us to show you how!

Learn about identity theft and how to protect yourself.
The Federal Trade Commission has an excellent webpage full of information.  Find out how to secure your personal computer  Place your mail delivery on hold when traveling or vacationing,  Learn more about online safety and security at these websites: